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MediWaste offers full-service medical waste management services throughout the entire state of New Jersey, including but not limited to: Atlantic City, Newark, Jersey City, Trenton and Princeton.

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New Jersey EPA State Definitions

Classifications of Waste

Biohazardous medical waste is composed of one or more of the following:

  • Cultures and stocks
  • Human blood and blood products
  • Human pathologic wastes
  • Medical Sharps
  • Research animal waste

Types of Wastes

  • Cultures and stock: discarded cultures and stocks generated in the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of a human being or animal or in any research relating to that diagnosis, treatment or immunization, or in the production or testing of biologicals.
  • Human blood and blood products: discarded products and materials containing free-flowing blood or free-flowing blood components.

Storage Requirements

Once biohazardous medical waste has been packaged for shipment off site, a generator shall provide a storage area for biohazardous medical waste until the waste is collected. The storage area should be secured in a manner that restricts access to authorized persons only. It must display the universal biohazard symbol and post warning signs worded as follows: “CAUTION – BIOHAZARDOUS MEDICAL WASTE STORAGE AREA – UNAUTHORIZED PERSONS KEEP OUT” and in Spanish: “PRECAUCION – ZONA DE ALMACENAMIENTO DE DESPERDICIOS BIOLOGICOS PELIGROSOS – PROHIBIDA LA ENTRADA A PERSONAS NO AUTORIZADAS.”

New Jersey Healthcare Environmental Resource Center

This site provides pollution prevention and compliance assistance information for the healthcare sector. It is intended to be a comprehensive resource, covering all the varieties of hospital wastes, and all the rules that apply to them, including both federal regulations and the specific rules that apply in your state.

Click here to visit the New Jersey Healthcare Evironmental Resource Center

New Jersey Online Osha Compliance Program

MediWaste offers online OSHA Compliance training focusing on New Jersey State OSHA guidelines.

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