By Utilizing MediWaste’s Recycling and Waste Management Services, Customers can Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiencies, and most Importantly Focus on their Core Business Responsibilities AB341 Compliant


Our ultimate objective is to provide clients with solutions to increase their recycling goals, meet and exceed State & City recycling mandates, achieve ZERO WASTE, reduce carbon foot print, and generate revenue from recyclables. MediWaste can help create and manage recycling programs to address most waste streams in the business place.

• Custom Recycling Programs

We offer a personalized service with generations of knowledge necessary for building establishments of this caliber to meet or exceed their waste and recycling management goals.

  • MRF processing
  • Source Separation
  • Commingled Recycling
  • Mixed Beverage Containers
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • E-waste
  • Universal Waste
  • Green Waste, Food Waste and Organics
  • Mixed Metals