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MediWaste offers full service medical waste management services throughout the entire state of Ohio, including but not limited to:Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Westerville.

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Ohio EPA State Definitions

Classifications of Waste

“Infectious wastes” means any wastes or combination of wastes that include cultures and stocks of infectious agents and associated biologicals, human blood and blood products, and substances that were or are likely to have been exposed to or contaminated with or are likely to transmit an infectious agent or zoonotic agent.

Types of Wastes

(a) Laboratory wastes; (b) Pathological wastes, including human and animal tissues, organs, body parts, and body fluids and excreta that are contaminated with or are likely to be contaminated with infectious agents or zoonotic agents; (c) Animal blood and blood products; (d) Animal carcasses and parts; (e) Waste materials from the rooms of humans, or the enclosures of animals, that have been isolated because of diagnosed communicable disease that are likely to transmit infectious agents. Also included are waste materials from the rooms of patients who have been placed on blood and body fluid precautions under the universal precaution system established by the “Centers for Disease Control” in the public health service of the United States department of health and human services, if specific wastes generated under the universal precautions system have been identified as infectious wastes by rules referred to in paragraph (I)(6)(g) of this rule; (f) Sharp wastes used in the treatment, diagnosis, or inoculation of human beings or animals

Storage Requirements

The integrity of the packaging must be maintained. There are no time limits regarding infectious waste storage, however, infectious waste must remain in a non-putrescent state. You must also maintain infectious waste in a manner that prevents it from becoming a food source or breeding ground for animals or insects. Infectious waste storage areas must be marked with a sign that states “warning: infectious waste” and/or displays the international biohazard symbol, or lock the storage area.

Ohio State Resources

The Ohio State Medical Association

The Ohio State Medical Association

  • 3401 Mill Run Drive
    Columbus, OH 43026
  • (614) 527-6762

Ohio Chamber of Commerce

Ohio Chamber of Commerce

  • 230 E Town Street
    Columbus, OH 43215
  • (614) 228-4201

Ohio Department of Health

Ohio Department of Health

  • 246 N High Street
    Columbus, OH 43215
  • (614) 466-3543

Ohio Healthcare Environmental Resource Center

This site provides pollution prevention and compliance assistance information for the healthcare sector. It is intended to be a comprehensive resource, covering all the varieties of hospital wastes, and all the rules that apply to them, including both federal regulations and the specific rules that apply in your state.

Click here to visit the Ohio Healthcare Evironmental Resource Center

Ohio Online Osha Compliance Program

MediWaste offers online OSHA Compliance training focusing on Ohio State OSHA guidelines.

We understand the importance of saving you money without sacrificing service. MediWaste Disposal will be your partner in your medical waste management program by being a low-cost provider of medical waste disposal and OSHA training services.